Got a ticket to one of our shows? Here is all you need to know...


Shows are currently held in the garden of The Jolly Anglers Pub.

Jolly Anglers, 314 316 Kennet Side, Reading RG1 3EA

🕕Arrival time🕕

Doors open at 6 PM and the show starts at 7 PM. Please arrive in plenty of time to minimise the need for queueing within the venue. If you wish to have dinner before the show, arrive early.

🚗Parking 🚗

There is lots of street parking. Please plan your parking and allow time. (Click map to enlarge)

⚠️General Etiquette⚠️

  • No heckling/ shouting out stuff. Our performers have traveled all over the country tirelessly working on their acts. They really want you to have a good time at the show. With this in mind please do not make their job difficult by heckling/ shouting out, chatting with your friends or being disruptive in any way. We reserve the right to ask you to leave should you be deemed a nuisance to the enjoyment of the show.

  • Being on your phone is rude, so turn your phone off. Allow your self to enjoy the comedy.📵

  • During the show please stay seated. Don't keep getting up and down to go to the bar or you will spoil the show for others. There are plenty of breaks to buy drunks.

  • When arriving and leaving the venue please be quiet so as not to bother the neighbours.

In essence, be nice, don’t be a jerk, sit back and let them entertain you!😁

🎫Have a ticket but can’t attend?🎫

Please let us know as soon as possible. Due to limited capacity others may want your seat. (Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.) You can let us know via our Facebook page or by emailing info AT

🦠Covid Precautions and seating arragments🪑

✔️We are no longer required to follow social distancing you are now able to buy single tickets. Please note that if you buy a single "General Admission" ticket, you will be seated next to others, possibly in theatre style rows.

If you wish to socially distance, we are able to offer a limited number of "bubble" tickets of two, four or six seats. We will try to leave space between these groups.

If you wish to buy multiple tickets and are not concerned with social distancing, please buy the appropriate number of "General Admission" tickets.

✔️ This event is outdoors and therefore very well ventilated.

✔️Tables are cleaned regularly by the venue staff.

✔️ You are no longer legally required to wear a face covering 😷anywhere in the pub but, of course, you can do so if you wish.

✔️Hand sanitiser is available when entering the pub. There will also be sanitiser for you to use on your table.

✔️ Although social distancing is no longer legally required, please be respectful of any fellow audience members who may wish to maintain physical distance.

✔️During the show, please stay seated.

✔️At the end of the show, please leave in an orderly fashion to avoid crowding. You may as well let some people go before, you what's the rush?


This is an outdoor event. British weather is nuts so we recommend being preparing for everything! Multiple layers, waterproofs and sun cream may be wise.