Reading Biscuit Factory

Reading Biscuit Factory is a three-screen cinema, bar, coffee shop and community hub. It's also the home of Stand and Deliver, right in the heart of Reading.

Below is all you need to know about the shows hosted here.


The Biscuit Factory, Unit 1A, Queen’s Walk, Reading, RG1 7QE

Click HERE for map.

🕕Times and what to do when you arrive

Doors open at 7 PM and the show starts at 8 PM. Please arrive in plenty of time. Late-comers may NOT be admitted and we reserve the right to sell your seat to people on the door. Arriving on time means you can relax and enjoy socialising at the bar before the show.

When you arrive please check-in with the Stand and Deliver Staff. They will be at the entrance to the bar, wearing black S & D T-shirts.

They will check your name off the list and give you a wristband.

Once you have your wristband, there’s plenty of space in the bar to chat and socialise before the show. The show is hosted in a screening room, but please wait for the S & D staff to call you through to take your seat.


We advise parking at the Broad Street Mall as after 6pm it's only £4.10 and it's right next to our venue. Full info can be found HERE.

Broad Street Mall, Broad Street Centre, Reading RG1 7QE

Click HERE for map.

🍕🍷Food and drink

Reading Biscuit factory has a well-stocked bar. There is also food available including pizza and cinema snacks.

You may take drinks into the show but we ask that you finish your food before entering the screen. People don't tend to laugh while stuffing their faces and if they do it's gross!

🚶Walking from the Station

This will take around 10min. We advise walking down Station Rd, onto Broad St and towards Oxford Road.


  • A ticket guarantees you a seat but seats are not allotted. Seats are assigned on a first come first serve basis. If you wish to sit with your friends please arrive together and on time.

⚠️House rules/ etiquette

  • We reserved the right to remove customers who we deem to be disrupting the show. No refund will be given. We never want to have to do this so just be nice!

  • 🤐No heckling/shouting out stuff or talking when the acts are on stage. Our performers have travelled all over the country tirelessly working on their acts. They really want you to have a good time at the show. With this in mind please do not make their job difficult. We reserve the right to ask you to leave should you be deemed a nuisance to the enjoyment of the show.

  • 📵Being on your phone is rude, so turn your phone off. Allow yourself to enjoy the comedy.

  • 🍺Don't be that person that gets too drunk!

  • 🍺 Don't bring your own alcohol. The venue will ask you to leave.

  • 🪑 During the show please stay seated. Don't keep getting up and down to go to the bar or you will spoil the show for others. There are plenty of breaks to buy drinks.

  • 📸 Do not take pictures or film during the show. It's a breach of the acts copyright and you may be asked to leave. By all means take plenty of selfies during the break!🤳

In essence, be nice, don’t be a jerk, sit back and let them entertain you!😁

🚪Will there be tickets on the door?

We strongly advise people book in advance due to limited capacity. However there are sometimes one or two ticket holders who don't turn up!

In this case we may resell their seats on the night.

Once we have seated everyone we then resell the empty seats. If you wish to try your luck on the night please let one of our staff know (they are in the cool black S & D T-shirts!). Please note they will be slightly more expensive than advance tickets.


  • ♿The screen our show is in has one wheelchair space. This can be booked via our ticket page.

  • The venue has a lift.

  • There are two wheelchair accessible toilets. They have grab rails and an alarm pull cord.

  • We have space to store wheel chairs if you are a wheel chair user that is happy to use a regular cinema seat to watch the show. Please try to let us know in advance.

  • 🦮Assistance dogs are allowed but please let us know beforehand so we can ensure there is space.

  • If there are any reasonable adjustments you need to access and enjoy our show please ask and we will try our best for you. Email info AT

🦠Covid information

  • Hand sanitiser is available when entering the venue. Please use it!

  • You are not required to wear a face covering/ mask 😷 anywhere in the venue but you of course may do so if you wish.

  • The show takes place in a cinema screen which is well ventilated. The air flow system draws in fresh air from outside and does not recirculate.

  • We are no longer required to follow social distancing. You will be seated next to others, in rows.

  • Please do not attend a show if you have covid symptoms or have tested positive.

Other Ts and Cs

  • Line up subject to change. Comics are subject to bad luck and mishaps just like all of us!

  • 🔞 Over 18s only. Sorry kids!

  • Tickets cannot be reallocated

  • Tickets are non-refundable