Private Events

Would you like us to deliver the laughs to you?

Comedy can be a wonderful addition to a private function; whether you are celebrating a birthday, hosting a work party or just want to laugh amongst friends in a more intimate setting. We are currently taking a small number of bookings for private hire events.

We are passionate about giving our comedians a suitable space to show off their craft. Below are a list of things to consider when you are thinking of hiring us. Once you have read these, please provide us with as much information as possible via our private hire form, to make sure we are right for your event.

Things to consider before hiring us

  • Is your venue suitable? You will need a quiet room separate from the main bar. Distractions and interruptions will make performing impossible for our comics.

  • You will need to make sure you have suitable seating that can be moved to face the performance area. Theatre style rows work best.

  • You will need to stop drink and food service while the show is on. People getting up and down to go to the bar, can be distracting while watching a show.

  • If you are serving food this will need to be served before or after the show. You can't laugh with a mouth full of food!

  • There will be rules for your guests to follow...

  1. No heckling/shouting out stuff. Our performers have travelled all over the country tirelessly working on their acts. They really want you to have a good time at the show. However, if they speak to you, then you are welcome to respond.

  2. Being on your phone is rude, so turn your phone off. Allow yourself to enjoy the comedy.📵

  3. During the show please stay seated. Don't keep getting up and down to go to the bar or you will spoil the show for others.

If you think comedy will work for your event please fill in the form below...